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Natalli has a wide range of offerings to help guide you as you journey towards greater healing and self-actualization, from meditations to 1:1 sessions. 

Reiki Session

  • Relax and restore your mind, body, and spirit in a Reiki Healing session. Sessions can be booked for  60 minutes with the option to add guided processing and reflection.

  •  Natalli offers Reiki at the Little Reiki Room at 7 Wels Street in  Saratoga Springs, NY.


Guided Meditation 
Session for 

  • These 1:1 guided meditation sessions help you release limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and stagnant emotional energies. Each session is 60 mins and includes:

    • An Oracle card pull​

    • An immersive guided meditation 

    • Coaching 

Mindful Life


  • Life coaching sessions are a compassionate container designed to help you navigate your healing and wellness journey so you can embody more emotional freedom in everyday life. Sessions are 60 mins and multidisciplinary, incorporating teachings from mindfulness,  traditional coaching, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).

  • Whether you're seeking more fulfillment in your relationships, a deeper connection with yourself, or support in building your spiritual practices, Natalli is here to give you tools for the journey.

For an appointment, email Natalli at or message her on Instagram.






All of Natalli's offerings are here to support self-care, personal growth, and exploration. 

Natalli's offerings are NOT a substitute for mental health care, medical care, or therapy.  

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