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Burning Barrel, 2022

Burning Barrel is Natalli Amato’s most recent achievement in portraying Northern New York through extraordinarily honest poems that always arrive at a revelation. Her lyrical verse springs from a life lived by waters, and she captures nature’s uncompromising beauty with sharp yet nuanced imagery. (Donald J. McNutt)

Gone Walking and Other Departures, 2023

Gone Walking and Other Departures by Natalli Amato is a rumination on impermanence and the grief that comes with this truth. The poems grapple with losses big and small, creating holding space for each. These poems are rooted in dreamscapes and the natural world alike, where moonbeams, Adirondack skies, and descending fog mingle with spirit.

On a Windless Night, 2019

"On a Windless Night" takes us full-circle from childhood to lessons learned from older generations to first love and loss to adulthood to the beginning of a new cycle of life. All this told in simple terms set in a country setting that reflects the beauty of nature and the importance of connection. (Charles Watts)


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