Poetry Collections:
On a Windless Night
Ra Press, 2019

Burning Barrel
Finishing Line Press, 2022


Brought to Sight & Swept Away: A Poetry Anthology About Time
Vita Brevis Press, April 2021

Without a Doubt: Poems Illustrating Faith
Edited by Raymond P. Hammond, New York Quarterly, October 2021



Praise for On a Windless Night:

"These poems capture the nothing that is everything. Grab a cup of tea, escape to the back porch, read them as the sun sets. Learn that life is sweet."

-Charles Watts, Waking Up in a Beautiful Room

"...rich in the sounds of summer, scents of the kitchen, the kind of details that surprisingly stick with us all from long ago."

-Marilyn McCabe, Being Many Seeds

"She makes the simplest of moments a thing to wonder at. These poems are written to be savored again and again and to evoke the importance of mindfulness - to be in the moment."

-Amazon Customer, Review

A recent reading:

I start around the 22-minute mark