By Natalli Amato

Natalli's first collection of poems was published by Ra Press in September 2019. The poems are a celebration of the Lake Ontario region and serve as a reflection on how the human experience fits into the natural order of nature. The collection includes Natalli's poem "When I am Shucking Corn," which was awarded Syracuse University's Edwin T. Whiffen Poetry Prize.

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Natalli's poems "Luncheon, Westport, Connecticut" and "Little Green" are featured in 86 Logic's third issue. The zine highlights the work of writers and artists who have a strong connection to the service industry. If you're in Brooklyn, you can pick up a copy in Quimby's. If not, there's always the web.

Natalli's poems "Thoughts I Have While Volunteering at the Arts Center" and "Reminder" are featured in Peaceful Dumpling'magazine alongside a photo by Meg Jerard via Unsplash.

Natalli's poem "Of the Earth" is featured in Words & Whispers' third online issue. 

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