Complete Archive of Poems Published in Literary Publictions:


Natalli's poem "Memory" is featured in The Elevation Review's fourth issue.


Natalli's poem "Watching Grandfather on the John Deere" is featured in Vita Brevis Press's best-selling anthology about time, Brought to Sight and Swept Away.


Natalli's poem "Price Chopper, Alex Bay" is featured on Funicular Magazine's website.


Natalli's poem "Of the Earth" is featured in Words & Whispers' third online issue. 

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Natalli's poems "Thoughts I Have While Volunteering at the Arts Center" and "Reminder" are featured in Peaceful Dumpling'magazine alongside a photo by Meg Jerard via Unsplash.


Natalli's poems "Luncheon, Westport, Connecticut" and "Little Green" are featured in 86 Logic's third issue. The zine highlights the work of writers and artists who have a strong connection to the service industry. If you're in Brooklyn, you can pick up a copy in Quimby's. If not, there's always the web.

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Three of Natalli's poems are featured in BEATIFIC's winter 2021 print issue: "Winter Dawn," "Lake Talk," and "I Remember the Lecture On the Signifier and the Signified." 

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Natalli's poem "Archer" is featured in Chronogram's January 2021 print issue. The poem is also available on Chronogram's website. 


Natalli's poem "Burning Barrel" is featured in The Lily Review's fourth issue. The issue is available for purchase from Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.  

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Natalli's poem "Mother's Slivers" is featured on Darling's website, along with original art by Paige Rochefort.

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Natalli's poem "Nightsongs" is featured on Darling's website, along with original photography by Madeline Mullenbach.

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Two of Natalli's poems, "Cousin" and "Picking Up Takeout" are featured in the Spring 2020 digital issue of the Speckled Trout Review.