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Complete Archive of Poems Published in Literary Publictions:


"Miracle" is featured in Sheila-Na-Gig's winter issue. 

"Teeth," is featured in Words & Whispers' winter issue. 

"In Head of Tide Park," Discovery In Belfast, Maine," and "More Thoughts in Head of Tide Park" are included in the 2022 anthology Writing the Land: Maine

"This Ghost Is Learning," Roanoke Review

"Journal Practice," "At the Garden Supply Store," "Thanksgiving," and "Tell Me" were featured in Soul-Lit's summer 2022 batch of poems. 

"Greg Allman Shows Me Something This Morning" is featured on the You Might Need To Hear This site. 

"I get it now" is featured in Santa Ana River Review's spring 2022 issue. 

"Let Me," and "In Memory of Tony Taranado" were featured in the Adirondack Center for Writing's Poem Villiage exhibit. 

"Red Rocks Park, Vermont" and "Decided" were published in The Elevation Review's National Poetry Month Issue. 

"Ecdysis" is featured in the Westchester Review.

"For Emma" is featured in UniVerses.

"Supplicating Yeshe Tsogyal" is featured in Sheila-Na-Gig's Spring 2022 online edition. 

"Sister Fox" is featured in Chronogram's March 2022 magazine. 

"Conversation" is featured in Nothing Divine Dies: A Poetry Anthology About Nature.

"Leslie" is featured in issue 211 of Prime Number Magazine from Press 53. 

"What are you trying to tell me?" is featured in Superpresent's second print issue. 


"Elderberries" is featured in You Might Need To Hear This. 

"A New Tree" is featured in You Might Need To Hear This. 

"Joy" is published by Soul-Lit for its Fall/Winter 2021 series. 

"Hallelujah To My Legs" is published by Women's Spiritual Poetry.

"The One I Love is a Pilot," is featured in issue 45 of the Hamilton Stone Review. 

"Thinking of the Old Days" was printed in Chronogram's October 2021 issue.

"This" is featured in Dawn of the Day: A Poetry Anthology by Wingless Dreamer.

"Going Back To John 11:43" is featured in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing's fall 2021 issue. It is the 'Bargaining' issue in their series on grief. 

"I Used To Pray Ace of Cups," is featured in Canned Magazine's 2nd digital issue. 

"Coffee Headache Day Two," is featured in Coffee People Zine's 14th print issue. 

"Describe a Life," is featured in Sheila-Na-Gig's fall 2021 installment, Volume 6.1. I am reading it here.

"Don't Go Thinking You Don't Need People," is featured in Words & Whispers' 5th online issue. 

"Man, I Feel Like a Woman," is included in the It's 12 O'Clock: A Midnight Poetry Anthology by Wingless Dreamer.

"Looking for a Sign," "Connor Points to the Two Geese," "Observation," and "On the Selves I No Longer Inhabit" are featured on the Peaceful Dumpling website. 

"Luncheon, Westport, Connecticut," is featured on 86 Logic's website.

"The September Geese" was printed in the 42nd volume of SUNY Potsdam's Blueline journal. 

"Correction" is featured on the Showbear Family Circus website. 

"Untitled" is featured on the Showbear Family Circus website. 

"Morning With Blue Heron" is featured on the Great Lakes Review website.

"In the Retelling," "In the Dreams to Come," and "Thoughts on Maiden Names on the Eve of Your Wedding" are featured in Salmon Creek Journal's Spring 2021 issue.

"Sunoco Gas," "Thinking About Connor While I Sit In Brooklyn Heights," and "Peeling" are featured in Last Leaves' Spring 2021 issue.

"Reminder" was included in the Adirondack Center for Writing's annual poem village exhibit. 

"Memory" is featured in The Elevation Review's fourth issue.

"Watching Grandfather on the John Deere" is featured in Vita Brevis Press's best-selling anthology about time, Brought to Sight and Swept Away.

"Price Chopper, Alex Bay" is featured on Funicular Magazine's website.

"Of the Earth" is featured in Words & Whispers' third online issue.

"Thoughts I Have While Volunteering at the Arts Center" and "Reminder" are featured in Peaceful Dumpling.

"Luncheon, Westport, Connecticut" and "Little Green" are featured in 86 Logic's third print issue.

"Winter Dawn," "Lake Talk," and "I Remember the Lecture On the Signifier and the Signified" were featured in BEATIFIC Magazine.

"Archer" is featured in Chronogram's January 2021 print issue. The poem is also available on Chronogram's website. 


"Burning Barrel" is featured in The Lily Review's fourth issue.

"Mother's Slivers" is featured on Darling's website.

"Nightsongs" is featured on Darling's website.

"Cousin" and "Picking Up Takeout" are featured in the Spring 2020 digital issue.

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