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Known as a poet for her nuanced exploration of the natural world and our place in it as humans, Natalli brings her eye for thoughtful observation to all of her writing projects, whether she is crafting a short story, engaging with brands,  or writing for her favorite publications, such as Spirituality & Health Magazine


Natalli began releasing poetry in 2019, when her debut collection On a Windless Night was published by Ra Press. Many of these poems were composed during her time as an undergraduate at Syracuse University, where she was awarded the Edwin T. Whiffen Poetry Prize for her poem, "When I am Shucking Corn." Her following collection, Burning Barrel, was released in 2022 from Finishing Line Press. In both collections, wild, rural landscapes serve as teachers showing us how to live, love, and let go.

For Natalli, the contemplative nature of poetry-- and communing in nature-- has always been a spiritual experience. Her seeker's curiosity has led her to explore spirituality further through Shambhala Buddhism and Unified Mindfulness. Natalli has completed the CORE Unified Mindfulness Training as well as the following Shambhala courses: Contentment In Everyday Life, The Art of Being Human, and Yeshe Tsogyal and the Feminine Principle: Buddhist and Shambhalian Perspectives. Now, she continues her learning journey as a marriage and family therapy master's student at Syracuse University.

These teachings have influenced Natalli profoundly as a writer. Her 2023 chapbook, Gone Walking and Other Departures, grapples with grief that rises out of facing the impermanence of life. Meanwhile, her forthcoming full-length collection, Willing, asks what it means to be willing to show up in our lives, open and accepting of pain as well as joy. Natalli examines these issues outside of the poet's page as well. As a journalist, she specializes in mindfulness, wellness, spirituality, relationships, and health. Her bylines include Chopra Global, Spirituality & Health Magazine, The Midlife, Rolling Stone, and Vice, among others. 

Before becoming a full-time freelance writer, Natalli was the assistant to the editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone-- a teenage dream come true.  During her time there, she helped produce the magazine’s hugely popular 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list, poured over reader's letters, and conducted her first (and favorite) interview, which was Alice Cooper rhapsodizing on the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand." 

For Natalli, rural landscapes--and communities--have always been her true home. Since her stint in Brooklyn, Natalli has spent time living in her hometown, Sackets Harbor, NY, as well as Burlington, VT. Now, she splits her time between Sackets Harbor and Saratoga Springs, where she enjoys yoga, gardening, hiking, and slow living. When she's not spending time outside with friends and family, she is likely in her favorite coffee shop working on her novel. 


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